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  • The Comedy of Errors

    By William Shakespeare
    October 5-21, 2018
    Thu/Fri/Sat - 8pm
    Sun - 4pm
    Amy Boulanger - Luciana
    Mary Bishop - Abbess, Luce, Officer
    Jody Christian - Adriana
    Sheila Cress - Persian Merchant
    Irina Dianova - Dromio of Syracuse
    Greg Gutting - Duke Solinus
    Glenn Havlan - Egeon, Dr. Pinch
    Harry Fahn - Dromio of Ephesus
    Christopher Kelly - Angelo
    Lijesh Krishnan - Antipholus of Ephesus
    Jourdán Olivier-Verdé - Antipholus of Syracuse
    Julie Valdez - Courtesan, Ephesian
    Directed by Lijesh Krishnan
    Assistant Directed by Greg Gutting
    Costumes by Lisa Claybaugh
    Scenery by John Hull
    Lights by Paul Seliga
    Graphics by Colin Dickau
    Director's Note
    Stripping away classical expectations, director Lijesh Krishnan brings a fresh perspective to The Comedy of Errors, setting it in his native India. He takes the story of a restless twin journeying East in search of a long-lost brother and mother, and explores issues of identity (How much of who we are is tied up with how we are perceived and treated?), alienness, and (mis)-communication across cultural divides. An experienced comedic ensemble of 6 women and 6 men brings together elements of romance and farce, along with some exquisite poetry and old Bollywood songs, in a spirited and colorful production that goes beyond surface cultural distinctions to get to the essential humanity of Shakespeare’s plays.